Cloud Hypervisor v0.14.0 Released!

Posted March 26, 2021 by Cloud Hypervisor Team ‐ 2 min read

This release has been tracked through the 0.14.0 project.

Highlights for cloud-hypervisor version 0.14.0 include:

Structured event monitoring

A new option was added to the VMM --event-monitor which reports structured events (JSON) over a file or file descriptor at key events in the lifecycle of the VM. The list of events is limited at the moment but will be further extended over subsequent releases. The events exposed form part of the Cloud Hypervisor API surface.

MSHV improvements

Basic support has been added for running Windows guests atop the MSHV hypervisor as an alternative to KVM and further improvements have been made to the MSHV support.

Improved aarch64 platform

The aarch64 platform has been enhanced with more devices exposed to the running VM including an enhanced serial UART.

Updated hotplug documentation

The documentation for the hotplug support has been updated to reflect the use of the ch-remote tool and to include details of virtio-mem based hotplug as well as documenting hotplug of paravirtualised and VFIO devices.

PTY control for serial and virtio-console

The --serial and --console parameters can now direct the console to a PTY allowing programmatic control of the console from another process through the PTY subsystem.

Block device rate limiting

The block device performance can now be constrained as part of the VM configuration allowing rate limiting. Full details of the controls are in the IO throttling doumentation.


Deprecated features will be removed in a subsequent release and users should plan to use alternatives

  • Support for booting with the “LinuxBoot” protocol for ELF and bzImage binaries has been deprecated. When using direct boot users should configure their kernel with CONFIG_PVH=y.


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to our 0.14.0 release including some new faces.


See the GitHub Release for the release assets.