Cloud Hypervisor v17.0 Released!

Posted July 22, 2021 by Cloud Hypervisor Team ‐ 2 min read

This release has been tracked through the v17.0 project.

ARM64 NUMA support using ACPI

The support for ACPI on ARM64 has been enhanced to include support for specifying a NUMA configuration using the existing control options.

Seccomp support for MSHV backend

The seccomp rules have now been extended to support running against the MSHV hypervisor backend.

Hotplug of macvtap devices

Hotplug of macvtap devices is now supported with the file descriptor for the network device if opened by the user and passed to the VMM. The ch-remote tool supports this functionality when adding a network device.

Improved SGX support

The SGX support has been updated to match the latest Linux kernel support and now supports SGX provisioning and associating EPC sections to NUMA nodes.

Inflight tracking for vhost-user devices

Support for handling inflight tracking of I/O requests has been added to the vhost-user devices allowing recovery after device reconnection.

Notable bug fixes

  • VFIO PCI BAR calculation code now correctly handles I/O BARs (#2821).
  • The VMM side of vhost-user devices no longer advertise the VIRTIO_F_RING_PACKED feature as they are not yet supported in the VMM (#2833).
  • On ARM64 VMs can be created with more than 16 vCPUs (#2763).


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to our release:


See the GitHub Release for the release assets.