Cloud Hypervisor v25.0 Released!

Posted July 7, 2022 by Cloud Hypervisor Team ‐ 1 min read

This release has been tracked through the v25.0 project.

ch-remote Improvements

The ch-remote command has gained support for creating the VM from a JSON config and support for booting and deleting the VM from the VMM.

VM “Coredump” Support

Under the guest_debug feature flag it is now possible to extract the memory of the guest for use in debugging with e.g. the crash utility. (#4012)

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Always restore console mode on exit (#4249, #4248)
  • Restore vCPUs in numerical order which fixes aarch64 snapshot/restore (#4244)
  • Don’t try and configure IFF_RUNNING on TAP devices (#4279)
  • Propagate configured queue size through to vhost-user backend (#4286)
  • Always Program vCPU CPUID before running the vCPU to fix running on Linux 5.16 (#4156)
  • Enable ACPI MADT “Online Capable” flag for hotpluggable vCPUs to fix newer Linux guest


The following functionality has been removed:

  • The mergeable option from the virtio-pmem support has been removed (#3968)
  • The dax option from the virtio-fs support has been removed (#3889)


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to our release:


See the GitHub Release for the release assets.